Sunday, November 02, 2014

Benefits of Alfalfa

Ok, now I'm referring to my earlier post which what did I consume for detoxification. But before I go on, let me tell you, I've tried few products for these detoxification. I've tried in tea type and pills. It did work but only for few times I consumed. Later on it seemed doesn't effect me at all. 

So I stopped detoxification for a while. But I know I need something. I make my checks and asked around. Until a friend of mine said, she consumed Shaklee products. To be specific Alfalfa. She said in the same time as well, she consumed a basic set of slimming products. It consists of Lecithin and Alfalfa. 

At that point of time, I wasn't thinking of slimming yet. WELL, I knew I need it. But let's focus on the detox process first. I've read somewhere, to start consuming supplements, we need to detox first then only the nutrients from the supplements will take place in our body. 

Then I start Google the information of this Alfalfa. Not only from Shaklee website from others as well. Most are listing out the same benefits. And what surprised me was, from one single product, there are a lot of benefits! So I have made it simple and easy for you, these are the benefits from Alfalfa:
  1. aids in digestion (contains 8 digestive enzymes)
  2. is a natural diuretic
  3. anti-inflammatory
  4. anti-arthritic
  5. antihistamine (contains 3 known antihistamines)
  6. heals ulcers
  7. used for allergies
  8. relieves stomach upset
  9. stimulates bile flow
  10. anti-cancer
  11. detoxifier
  12. nutritive
  13. lowers cholesterol (binds to bile acids to lower cholesterol)
  14. anti - bacterial
  15. improves glucose tolerance
  16. binds with heavy metals and removes them from your system
  17. protects from radiation
  18. shrinks plaque in arteries
  19. helps gout
  20. regulates blood sugar level
  21. helps control body odor - smelly feet and bad breath
  22. aids back disc repair
  23. aids healing of heel spurs
  24. kills some bacteria and viruses
  25. improves health and vigor
  26. high in protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals
  27. has no known toxicity
After asking my friend on the price, it surprised me again. It is affordable. So since I think it is time for me to slim down, I paired it with Lechithin. I don't believe in slimming products that can slim you down so fast. 

After few months I've consumed Alfalfa, it does still performed the task I've expected it to do. Detoxification. On other things, I really can't testify as I don't really know. Alhamdullilah, so far I don't have other health problems except the bulging fats of here and there. Hehehehe....

So, if you are interested to know more about this, do contact me and we have a chat on it. 

Please ensure the products your are consuming are having the accreditation from the right organization. My friend who is a pharmacist said, there are increasing numbers of patients who are having other internal parts failure due to unregistered products. Please, please be vigilant on this matter people. It is our body, and we only have one. Take care of ourselves and those whom we love.

Let's Chat: Whatsapp/Telegram : 016-209 8137 or you may drop email to

Till then. Have a nice evening everyone. 

Your Shaklee Independent Distributor in Shah Alam,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Annual Activity

Working in the current department, we have the opportunity to go to Singapore for our annual dinner. When annual, means, yes, every year. Except few years ago they say they tried to have in Malaysia but it was not workable. As our division is quite big over there and being we are the smallest group so we get the opportunity to go there instead. Yes, sound so glamorous to have dinner in Singapore but trust me, its tiring. 

Tiring because we travel few hours before the dinner start, so if the flight delay a bit, then that's it. Rush to hotel, get ready, by 6.30pm to be in the hall. Normally they finish by 12am. So if you still have some energy, you can go out after that. Next morning, normally they'll book the earliest flight possible and workable. So by 8am everybody already having breakfast. Then off to airport.

Prior to that, we have to prepare a performance as requested by our counterpart there. They also have some performances as well. Since the three countries, Singapore, Malaysia & China having 1-2 performances each, the Director said it will be a mini concert.

I was again asked to do some thinking and creativity for the performance. And to stage with about 16 members on one go, is very challenging. There are so many attitudes to rub in and to blend. One to avoid shyness, stage fright, the attitude of just do it and all sorts are the factors that makes the entire process tiring. Seriously! 

But since the instructions came from the big boss, all MUST participate, then they are left with no choices at all. This is when the "nak tak nak" attitude came in. We have about 5 weeks to practice. And only once in a week. That's normally happen on Friday. 

Nevertheless, we did somehow enjoyed the night. The only setback for this year dinner was the emcee. He was not as entertaining as the emcee in the previous year. He didn't really create the excitement of the dinner. This year we have Happy Fei Fei as the invited performer. She's good. 

So here are some of the photos you may want to see. 

Me and my HOD

 The Theme

The Appetizer

The Bosses Getting Ready to Serve their staff

All in all, most of us won a lucky draw. Me myself won a traveler adaptor. I'm happy because I can throw it in my back and go. My fren won a steamer. So I think the whole night he was thinking how is he going to bring it back as he needs to carry his guitar. Hehehehe... But since we are flying in with MAS, then we decided he should check it in. Lets use the facility when its free, right?

And since the flight coming home is a bit late and we were early, we decided to have a self tour in Changi Airport. Our gate is in Terminal 2, so we took the Sky Train to explore Terminal 1. Nothing much there except for the Hard Rock Cafe Shop. Then we hop on to Terminal 3, nothing there also. So we decided to go back again to Terminal 2. There are a lot of things to do there actually. They have an entertainment centre for flyers. They have PS3 stations, Online Gaming, XBox, Mini Movie Theater, a place just to plug in your charger for your gadgets and also a Sunflower Garden. 

These are among the views from Sunflower Garden

Alright, I knew I'm owing you about what I consume in previous post. Just be patience with me. I'll update. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Things Happen For A Reason

My career didn't start as how I want it. All those movies and dramas (mind me, but especially Malay soap operas) telling graduates directly or indirectly you'll be getting a good job and your own room when you work is very far reach dreams. Well, sadly to admit, I was one of the dreamers. But, I never believe you'll straight away be a manager with own room.

I graduated as an average student (yes, I study not so hard but play very hard 😝). It was in 1998.  While I was struggling to finish off my last paper, my mind was thinking about my father whom at that time is struggling with diabetes and cardiac problem. He was being diagnosed of the heart problem in 1986. My goal was only one, finish my paper and to go back straight to my hometown. And I did just that. That was somewhere in July.

When I reached home, he was not in good condition. His friend asked him to go to HUSM for better check-up options. So he did. He was admitted immediately with the same diagnosis but with better options of medicine. My everyday routine was morning fetch my mum from hospital, brought her home then go to hospital again to bring lunch for my father.

I'll stay for a while till 3pm. Back home to check on my little sister then off to hospital again in the evening till the end of visiting hours. My father was on medical leave till December. That was when my graduation ceremony is. I didn't want to attend because I didn't want to leave him and my mom. But he told me, it was a once in a lifetime experience, so take the chance and just go. I took his advice. I went back after the ceremony.

He started working in January 1999. I became his chauffeur. If he hadn't been sick, he would rather not. I'm not a bad driver, if that's what you think. He didn't trust women driver. Slowly after that he tried to drive on his own.

By late January, most of the time he did his own driving. And I half heartedly asked him whether I can go to KL to find a job. It is very hard to find one in KB. He gave his consent and I went. After a week in KL, I finally got an interview. That night I called him to share the experience. But in returned, he told me he was on his way to clinic because he's not feeling well. My uncle drove for him because my mom doesn't know how to drive.

I feel uneasy when he told me that. In about half hour after that, he told me now he's on the way to HUSM because he is not satisfied with the doctor at the clinic. Now, my heart beating very fast. Just another half hour, my mom called me. "Lila, Bapak dah meninggal". That was the exact word spoken with such calmness. And I cried and cried and feeling remorse why did I ever leave him.

Called up my elder sister and made all the necessary arrangement of going back. And ever since then, I never thought I'll be back again in KL.

Due to my father's sickness, I knew right then I have to take care of my own health. Slowly I reduced sugar intake which I really don't mind. I'm not a sweet tooth person. But being a Kelantanese, I cannot resist the temptation of having nasi belauk, nasi kerabu, laksam and all sorts of menu which I rather not list it down as someone might be drooling.

Yes, I admit I am a big fan of eating but somehow managed to be choosy. I don't like fruits. I don't like milk. I don't like fruit cake. So eventually my metabolic rate dropping due to aging. No... I'm not old. Hehehe. I am only 38. So what happen when you gradually lost your metabolic rate? Yes.... You gained weight.

My gain weight is a bit humiliating but not motivational enough for me to lost it. People think I'm pregnant. Yup, I do look like one. Nevertheless, I have this advantage of people offering me seats when I'm in the train. I'm a happy person. Don't blame me. It's quite tiring to stand in the train from where I board and arrive.

So, in searching the right product for a slimmer me, I ask a friend of mine. She said she consuming few products of Shaklee and it's working for her. I give it a thought. Done some researching on my own and decide to give a try.
What did I try I'll continue in next entry.

Till then.

"believe in yourself"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Start Fresh

Yes, I have abandoned my blog since 2012.  Being with a small baby didn't help much for me to write. To start up a computer also time consuming. Sometimes just about to start, baby started crying. Yes, I'm good in complaining. Oh yes! I really have to admit....  I love procrastinating things. I'm really good doing that. Boo for me. And I am making new resolution to be a better person.

So why of all the sudden I start it now? Because I was being asked to do it. Who? From a group of great people I came about to know few months back. If you want to know them, you have just to keep on reading my blog.

That's is the main reason. Another reason would be is I miss to write. I love to write. I love to vent whatever I'm feeling, thinking or anything in writing. I used to have diaries. But I was never consistent. So half of the diary, wait... More than half is actually empty pages.

Alright, before I raving too much of my comeback, let put it into a stop and pray with me I'll continue back soon.

Psst...  Do you know that to write something you actually have to have the mood?

So till then.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Baby Coming

I don't forget that I do own a blog. It's just that I don't have the feel to write anything in it. Today, however, I have the urge to write something. 

Anyway, I'm on medical leave as I'm in months nine of pregnancy. I don't know why for this time pregnancy, the tiredness is bringing me down. I could no longer sit in the office or at home for such a long hour. My body is aching every where. Only Allah knows how I feel. As I really cannot describe the feeling. Compared to my previous pregnancies, this one is totally different. I was having severe morning sickness. Not only in the morning. Throughout the day. It started immediately when I get to know I was in my 7th weeks. It just getting worse during Ramadhan. In fact, I was admitted for 3 days because of dehydration. I was having the container to support my puke on the way to office and back to home. In the office itself, I don't know how many trips to the loo. My hubby is at his best to accommodate my condition. 

I also experienced bleeding when the pregnancy just turned to its 8th months. Again, I was admitted. But Alhamdullillah, baby is actively kicking and somersaulting in my womb. So it is not the time for the baby to come out yet. I was given the injection to mature the baby's lung. I just cannot remember what is the name. And that injection is very, no.. VERY painful. Thanks to Allah,  I just need 2 of it. I can still remember the pain though. 

And now I'm at home. Waiting. Having here and there of contraction. I'm going to see my Gynae this coming Saturday. If all goes well, I might be having the baby somewhere next week. Perhaps. But hubby is not around. He is now in Mecca, performing his Umrah. Yes, everyone is asking why did he choose this date to go. He is sponsored by his parents so it seems he didn't has much choice but to say yes. Its okay I said. He is going to somewhere for worshiping Allah. And who knows, Allah might granted his prayer to have a baby boy. Yes, doctor has scanned and he said its going to be another girl. Whatever the gender of the baby is, we are thankful. 

That is all I can say at this moment. My mind is quite numb these few days as I really feel ache everywhere and very tired. Have great days ahead!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

PCOS Still Going On

I know such a long stop after my last post. So hook-up with work and housework. But still going to see my gynae for my follow-up on PCOS problem. If you want to know about this PCOS, read it here.The last one I had a session was this morning. Of all the days in a week, it got to be today (a long wait because Saturday is when everybody who is working to see him) because of the last hormone pill he gave me in the last session. The pill is clomiphene. He wanted to test out whether my eggs will grow when the pill is taken. 

He was happy to see that one of my eggs is grown to an acceptable size. Yes, one of the eggs. I got plenty of it. That is why its called poly-cyst. He explained about my situation and what he'll do next. He said, people with poly-cyst chances of getting pregnant is higher than those who suffered endometriosis. Or in layman term, senggugut. He said, if it is not being controlled, those with poly-cyst tends to have twins / triplets. He gave me a shot of hormone. I cannot remember what was the jab all about. He explained. But cannot remember. Aiyoo.. me with my short term memory loss!

He told me to have an urine test if I don't get my regular menses. Otherwise, to see him again in my next cycle. 

Friends, I'm begging you for those who are having irregular menstrual cycle, do seek advice from your gynae. It is a common problem among Asian women. My gynae told me, most people think it is normal not to have menstrual in a month. However to young women, it is not. It is always good to have earliest treatment rather than its too late. Not having regular menstrual can lead to so many problems to us women, especially if you have family members who are suffering heart problem, diabetic or high blood pressure. 

If I were pregnant this time round, hopefully its going to be a boy. I already have 3 girls. Pray for me friends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bored and Sweaty Situation

After 2 days duelling with a very dull trainer, I was so glad at the end the course ended. The modules of the course are fascinating enough for us to choose it. But we were really disappointed with the trainer. He doesn't know how to attract the class, he bragged about himself, he can do magic to everything he touches. And it will turn out very successful. Be it in recession or not, he'll do well. We were not amazed at all!

And we came in this morning, there were some of us who were late, thanks to the Federal Territory Day Rehearsal, he showed us videos on his daughter's singing in some occasions. Not only that, he actually gave the key word to search in YouTube! Oh god..... help him please. 

When the training ended, I was trying to call dearest Mr H. He was not replying my sms... he was not even picking up the phone calls even though I've tried so many times. So normally when this thing happen, he's sleeping. Yes, he is always in a dead log sleep. A very dead log. Don't be surprised if he talked to you with open eyes but actually he's sleeping. Some of his friends already kena this thing. When he attended courses outstation and woke him up the next morning. He responded the correct answer to your questions but he's actually sleeping.

I hitched a ride with my friend till KL Sentral. Took Komuter from there until Shah Alam. This is the first time I got to try the supposedly pink coach. The coach I got is actually blue with pink woman figure sticker. And.... I managed to fight to get into the coach. I actually stucked at the stainless steel pole. I need not to use my hand to grip anything. I can just stand there and not moving even when  the driver brakes. It was that full loaded of people. One thing I'm thankful enough, I got to breathe decent air. No sweaty armpit smell, no one had let go windy gas (I cannot imagine if someone had eaten tempoyak and sorts and decided it was about time to let the wind pass) and no smelly hair. I reached Shah Alam safe and sound and quite happy.

And I'm supposed to do the finishing touch to my Leadership Assignment which is due tomorrow. But here I am, cannot wait to write down the experience I had today.

Selamat malam everyone!