Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bored and Sweaty Situation

After 2 days duelling with a very dull trainer, I was so glad at the end the course ended. The modules of the course are fascinating enough for us to choose it. But we were really disappointed with the trainer. He doesn't know how to attract the class, he bragged about himself, he can do magic to everything he touches. And it will turn out very successful. Be it in recession or not, he'll do well. We were not amazed at all!

And we came in this morning, there were some of us who were late, thanks to the Federal Territory Day Rehearsal, he showed us videos on his daughter's singing in some occasions. Not only that, he actually gave the key word to search in YouTube! Oh god..... help him please. 

When the training ended, I was trying to call dearest Mr H. He was not replying my sms... he was not even picking up the phone calls even though I've tried so many times. So normally when this thing happen, he's sleeping. Yes, he is always in a dead log sleep. A very dead log. Don't be surprised if he talked to you with open eyes but actually he's sleeping. Some of his friends already kena this thing. When he attended courses outstation and woke him up the next morning. He responded the correct answer to your questions but he's actually sleeping.

I hitched a ride with my friend till KL Sentral. Took Komuter from there until Shah Alam. This is the first time I got to try the supposedly pink coach. The coach I got is actually blue with pink woman figure sticker. And.... I managed to fight to get into the coach. I actually stucked at the stainless steel pole. I need not to use my hand to grip anything. I can just stand there and not moving even when  the driver brakes. It was that full loaded of people. One thing I'm thankful enough, I got to breathe decent air. No sweaty armpit smell, no one had let go windy gas (I cannot imagine if someone had eaten tempoyak and sorts and decided it was about time to let the wind pass) and no smelly hair. I reached Shah Alam safe and sound and quite happy.

And I'm supposed to do the finishing touch to my Leadership Assignment which is due tomorrow. But here I am, cannot wait to write down the experience I had today.

Selamat malam everyone!

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