Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Annual Activity

Working in the current department, we have the opportunity to go to Singapore for our annual dinner. When annual, means, yes, every year. Except few years ago they say they tried to have in Malaysia but it was not workable. As our division is quite big over there and being we are the smallest group so we get the opportunity to go there instead. Yes, sound so glamorous to have dinner in Singapore but trust me, its tiring. 

Tiring because we travel few hours before the dinner start, so if the flight delay a bit, then that's it. Rush to hotel, get ready, by 6.30pm to be in the hall. Normally they finish by 12am. So if you still have some energy, you can go out after that. Next morning, normally they'll book the earliest flight possible and workable. So by 8am everybody already having breakfast. Then off to airport.

Prior to that, we have to prepare a performance as requested by our counterpart there. They also have some performances as well. Since the three countries, Singapore, Malaysia & China having 1-2 performances each, the Director said it will be a mini concert.

I was again asked to do some thinking and creativity for the performance. And to stage with about 16 members on one go, is very challenging. There are so many attitudes to rub in and to blend. One to avoid shyness, stage fright, the attitude of just do it and all sorts are the factors that makes the entire process tiring. Seriously! 

But since the instructions came from the big boss, all MUST participate, then they are left with no choices at all. This is when the "nak tak nak" attitude came in. We have about 5 weeks to practice. And only once in a week. That's normally happen on Friday. 

Nevertheless, we did somehow enjoyed the night. The only setback for this year dinner was the emcee. He was not as entertaining as the emcee in the previous year. He didn't really create the excitement of the dinner. This year we have Happy Fei Fei as the invited performer. She's good. 

So here are some of the photos you may want to see. 

Me and my HOD

 The Theme

The Appetizer

The Bosses Getting Ready to Serve their staff

All in all, most of us won a lucky draw. Me myself won a traveler adaptor. I'm happy because I can throw it in my back and go. My fren won a steamer. So I think the whole night he was thinking how is he going to bring it back as he needs to carry his guitar. Hehehehe... But since we are flying in with MAS, then we decided he should check it in. Lets use the facility when its free, right?

And since the flight coming home is a bit late and we were early, we decided to have a self tour in Changi Airport. Our gate is in Terminal 2, so we took the Sky Train to explore Terminal 1. Nothing much there except for the Hard Rock Cafe Shop. Then we hop on to Terminal 3, nothing there also. So we decided to go back again to Terminal 2. There are a lot of things to do there actually. They have an entertainment centre for flyers. They have PS3 stations, Online Gaming, XBox, Mini Movie Theater, a place just to plug in your charger for your gadgets and also a Sunflower Garden. 

These are among the views from Sunflower Garden

Alright, I knew I'm owing you about what I consume in previous post. Just be patience with me. I'll update. 

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