Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Start Fresh

Yes, I have abandoned my blog since 2012.  Being with a small baby didn't help much for me to write. To start up a computer also time consuming. Sometimes just about to start, baby started crying. Yes, I'm good in complaining. Oh yes! I really have to admit....  I love procrastinating things. I'm really good doing that. Boo for me. And I am making new resolution to be a better person.

So why of all the sudden I start it now? Because I was being asked to do it. Who? From a group of great people I came about to know few months back. If you want to know them, you have just to keep on reading my blog.

That's is the main reason. Another reason would be is I miss to write. I love to write. I love to vent whatever I'm feeling, thinking or anything in writing. I used to have diaries. But I was never consistent. So half of the diary, wait... More than half is actually empty pages.

Alright, before I raving too much of my comeback, let put it into a stop and pray with me I'll continue back soon.

Psst...  Do you know that to write something you actually have to have the mood?

So till then.

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