Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Baby Coming

I don't forget that I do own a blog. It's just that I don't have the feel to write anything in it. Today, however, I have the urge to write something. 

Anyway, I'm on medical leave as I'm in months nine of pregnancy. I don't know why for this time pregnancy, the tiredness is bringing me down. I could no longer sit in the office or at home for such a long hour. My body is aching every where. Only Allah knows how I feel. As I really cannot describe the feeling. Compared to my previous pregnancies, this one is totally different. I was having severe morning sickness. Not only in the morning. Throughout the day. It started immediately when I get to know I was in my 7th weeks. It just getting worse during Ramadhan. In fact, I was admitted for 3 days because of dehydration. I was having the container to support my puke on the way to office and back to home. In the office itself, I don't know how many trips to the loo. My hubby is at his best to accommodate my condition. 

I also experienced bleeding when the pregnancy just turned to its 8th months. Again, I was admitted. But Alhamdullillah, baby is actively kicking and somersaulting in my womb. So it is not the time for the baby to come out yet. I was given the injection to mature the baby's lung. I just cannot remember what is the name. And that injection is very, no.. VERY painful. Thanks to Allah,  I just need 2 of it. I can still remember the pain though. 

And now I'm at home. Waiting. Having here and there of contraction. I'm going to see my Gynae this coming Saturday. If all goes well, I might be having the baby somewhere next week. Perhaps. But hubby is not around. He is now in Mecca, performing his Umrah. Yes, everyone is asking why did he choose this date to go. He is sponsored by his parents so it seems he didn't has much choice but to say yes. Its okay I said. He is going to somewhere for worshiping Allah. And who knows, Allah might granted his prayer to have a baby boy. Yes, doctor has scanned and he said its going to be another girl. Whatever the gender of the baby is, we are thankful. 

That is all I can say at this moment. My mind is quite numb these few days as I really feel ache everywhere and very tired. Have great days ahead!

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