Saturday, April 23, 2011

PCOS Still Going On

I know such a long stop after my last post. So hook-up with work and housework. But still going to see my gynae for my follow-up on PCOS problem. If you want to know about this PCOS, read it here.The last one I had a session was this morning. Of all the days in a week, it got to be today (a long wait because Saturday is when everybody who is working to see him) because of the last hormone pill he gave me in the last session. The pill is clomiphene. He wanted to test out whether my eggs will grow when the pill is taken. 

He was happy to see that one of my eggs is grown to an acceptable size. Yes, one of the eggs. I got plenty of it. That is why its called poly-cyst. He explained about my situation and what he'll do next. He said, people with poly-cyst chances of getting pregnant is higher than those who suffered endometriosis. Or in layman term, senggugut. He said, if it is not being controlled, those with poly-cyst tends to have twins / triplets. He gave me a shot of hormone. I cannot remember what was the jab all about. He explained. But cannot remember. Aiyoo.. me with my short term memory loss!

He told me to have an urine test if I don't get my regular menses. Otherwise, to see him again in my next cycle. 

Friends, I'm begging you for those who are having irregular menstrual cycle, do seek advice from your gynae. It is a common problem among Asian women. My gynae told me, most people think it is normal not to have menstrual in a month. However to young women, it is not. It is always good to have earliest treatment rather than its too late. Not having regular menstrual can lead to so many problems to us women, especially if you have family members who are suffering heart problem, diabetic or high blood pressure. 

If I were pregnant this time round, hopefully its going to be a boy. I already have 3 girls. Pray for me friends.

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